DABETH INDUSTRIES is a commodities trading company dedicated to offering the highest quality Ginger ,Sesame seeds, and Cocoa beans to the Food & Beverage Industry in Europe and America.

DABETH INDUSTRIES has access to a network of farmers and farmer cooperatives that offer the highest quality crops with little to no chemical use. One of our unique selling propositions would be to “PURCHASE ONLY FRESH CROPS” and ship the commodities with 16 days of purchase. We have partnered with experienced transporters and forwarders who understand our products and market and the need for efficiency in the value chain. 

We intend to start exporting 500 tonnes of our commodities in the first year. In the second year we shall export 1000 tonnes while in the third year, 2000 tonnes. Revenues for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year shall be $750,000 , $1,000,000 , $1,300,000 respectively. 

Our main products of focus are Ginger, Cocoa beans, and Sesame seed.

In 2015, Nigeria was the 4th largest exporter of Ginger with an average annual growth rate of 18%. Prices of Ginger range between $1900-$2900 per Ton.

Nigeria was also the 7th largest exporter of Cocoa beans in 2015, even though there was a decline in growth, Nigeria still exported $440 Million worth of Cocoa beans last year.

 As for Sesame seed, Nigeria was the 3rd largest exporter with revenues of $300 Million in 2015.

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