D-Globe Green Homes Ltd. Building sustainable and modern houses which are affordable

The service is providing the people of Ghana high-quality modern houses. The houses are build in 3 days with a proven construction method.

D-Globe Green Homes Ltd. specialty is to be a leading homebuilder in making the best houses to the best price.Attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, along with superior customer service is the driver behind our success in the construction industry. We thrive to deliver a quality product that fits within the budget of the customer and will work with him or here every step of the way to obtain this goal.

Because of the low cost homes that we are going to make in this
project, we have decided to build a factory in Ghana, so we don’t need to transport the houses from the main factory.

Please be so kind to read our detailed business plan and teaser if you are interested in investing.

Stage Unknown EST August 2016
SectorsConstruction, Real estate
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