Cycles Riding Just got better....Get there

Cycles is a Bicycle-sharing startup changing the way short to medium commutes within communities in Nigeria & Africa are made through efficient smart-bicycle technology.

“We provide Smart-bicycle technology that serves as means to commute, keep fit and enjoy leisure in communities”.

Our smart bicycles are deployed in communities for use, custom-made to fit and serve every community. These smart bikes can be used for short commutes, Leisure riding and Exercise within the community.

Via the mobile app, users can gain access to a fleet of bicycles located across the community.
To Access a Cycles smart bike, users would;
Walk to the nearest station or parking area
Scan the QR code on a bicycle to unlock
Ride to your destination
Park in a designated parking area/bike station
The bicycle is available for the next user

With our smart bicycle sharing technology and our smart bikes deployed at strategic areas in these communities individuals can now access to efficient short term mobility.