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Cyan Empowering African goddess to boldly embrace herself through fashion

Cyan is an African luxury brand with the purpose of empowering females to unapologetically embrace who they are and where they come from (their roots, culture, mother tongue etc.) through modern, African-inspired clothing.

However, we strive to go beyond the limits of providing the modern female with just gorgeous products. Our goal is to see females of all colour and backgrounds PROPSER. We’re here to provide you with uplifting motivation, eye-opening educational content and a heartwarming family you need to invest in yourself. An empowered female has the ability to enrich the lives of her family, friends, community members and revive her career. The first step towards self-empowerment begins with embracing your heritage and who you are while strutting your African-inspired items.

Sectors Clothing and textiles production, E-commerce, Fashion
Location Cape Town, South Africa
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