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Cupmena An agri-tech startup based in Egypt

Cover image of Cupmena, Agritech venture on VC4A



Throwing away this precious natural resource that still has broad and significant value and applications across several industries is a superfluous act of consumption that perfectly demonstrates the take, make, dispose of the approach of our current linear economic structure.
Sure, low volumes of spent coffee grounds can be great for fertilizing domestic gardens. Still, until the past few years, coffee grounds have been largely overlooked as a valid, sustainable resource on an industrial scale, especially in the MENA region and Asia. If coffee grounds are recycled, however, valuable organic matter and nutrients can be recaptured for use as soil fertilizers, Mushroom growers, conditioners, mulch, and methane can be captured for electricity generation. Thus, We will help the environment to get out of the spent coffee ground effects and exploit it to support the food system and stop the sequence of exploiting the resources.

Sectors Agritech, Food production, Waste management and recycling
Location Giza, Egypt
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