Crick Superfoods Healthy products based on cricket protein

Has you ever think in eating a gluten-free product that have all the nutrients that your body needs and it produces a low environment impact? Crick Superfoods produce and market healthy snacks based on bean, corn flour and cricket protein. The products have 15% more calcium than milk, 35% more iron than spinach, more vitamins E than salmon, omega 6 and 9 essential amino acids for your body. Additionally, cricket breeding is carried out in controlled environment farms which generates a low environmental impact compared to the production of other types of proteins of animal and plant origin, thus generating 50 times less CO2 and reducing consumption by 80% of water. Thus cricket is a sustainable protein that has a high nutritional impact. Our products has 5 times more protein than the average snack in the Ecuadorian market. It leas to be a good gluten-free, low impact, low carb, high protein and rich in flavor product.

StageStartup stage EST May 2019
SectorsAgribusiness, Clean technology, Food production
LocationPomasqui, Ecuador
Customer modelB2B2C, B2C, C2C
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