Crafted African Travel (CAT-Africa) & Meercat Travel technology

Currently the travel eco-system is fragmented with too many layers, across both the source markets and global travel destinations. The traditional travel vertical is ready for consolidation, which will ultimately result in lower prices for the consumer. Currently there are multiple players between the end use supplier and the consumer, which our technology will consolidate. The primary objective of the company is to provide a full solution digital travel platform that seamlessly integrates both the sales reservations (source market) and product requirements (travel destinations) in the traditional sales channels. This will target the Travel Agents in the source market (s) as well as the Destination Management Companies (DMC’s) based in the travel destination (s). Our system provides the travel trade with the relevant technological tool to meet the consumer demand for instant responses in real time, allowing customizable travel itineraries, and fully bookable in real time.