Coverdor Nigeria's 1st fully digital insurance platform

Coverdor is an AI-based Insurtech startup that provides users with a complete digital insurance experience, and easy assess to simplified insurance product; entirely online. We also enable service providers, retailers and ecommerce platforms cross-sell insurance-as-a-service at their point of sale.  

Our web app is Nigeria’s 1st fully digital insurance platform where users can easily insure everyday items like smartphone, tablets, laptops, camera and other home content appliances individually against mechanical, accidental and liquid damages directly on Coverdor’s platform or at the online or offline point-of-sale of a partner ecommerce website or retail outlet in Nigeria

Coverdor is committed to making insurance easy-to-use, simple-to-understand and accessible, through insurance digitization, direct-to-customer distribution and cross-selling distribution, while providing social benefitting insurance products that fit our customers’ lifestyle.