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Cosmos Automation

Cosmos Automation

We have developed an automated irrigation system with which farmers can set their irrigation schedule depending on what crop they have cultivated. With our system you can set the day for the irrigation to start, the time for irrigation, the duration of irrigation and the interval between irrigation. This system makes farming easier for the farmer, increases efficiency, increases yield, reduces leeching, ensures monitored and controlled farming based on sensor results, improves water conservation and improves overall profit for the farmer. The system can be operated in automatic mode and manual mode which highlights it flexibility and gives the system the capability of being used for fertigation (fertilizer application through drip lines) thereby solving the problem of disproportionate fertilization. We have soil moisture sensors placed in the soil and temperature and humidity sensors which monitor the soil moisture content of the soil, temperature and humidity respectively.

Sectors Agritech, Electronics, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Enugu, Nigeria
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