Corper Meet We Connect Corp Members

Corpermeet has setup a poll where our competent corp-members (from CVs provided) will be called/ invited to fill-up available spaces in their organizations.
In the case you are being posted to a Location relatively new to you? Not to worry, CORPERMEET connects you quickly to any of our Estate Agents in your area. We also provide an avenue for corpers to Hook-up, Ask Questions and most importantly Find Accommodations on ’SWAP DEAL’ that is a situation, where corpers get to pay for part rent instead of the full rent in a case where a corp-member paid for rent but couldn’t stay to Complete his or her rent. And you can buy or Sell off your furniture since you can’t take them back home.
You have the opportunity to post videos, pictures and stories about happenings in your area in order to give other Corp-members Truthful representations of the goings on in the location of service. This data will help us to move to help the government of each state to improve living condition of corpers.

Sectors Diversified services, Internet, Real estate
Location Kaduna, Nigeria
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