Cormo Alimentos Food based on stems, leaves, peps and vegetable peels

We develop and produce incredible food based on stems, leaves, peps, peels, bulb, root and flower of vegetables thanks to R&D (research and development) & Foodtech. We discover new flavors, functionalities and behaviors that allow us to create new daily consumption foods that allow the introduction of vegetables into the diet. In addition, our products allow the consumer to generate a positive and significant positive impact on the environment and increases the income of small traders in the agro industry, contributing to their families.
Cormo has potential because in 4 months of re-launch it has sold about 12700 US and is ad portas of entering retail, this with new products as a functional condiment based on stems of betarraga, a replacement to the table salt based on stems of betarraga and insoluble fiber based on seeds of apples and stems of broccoli; all at affordable prices and of great nutritional impact.

SectorsFood and beverage
LocationProvidencia, Chile
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