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Coris Tourism Enjoy your trip, enjoy Tog

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Coris Tourism

Coris Tourism

Imagine that the Covid-19 ends today. How long will that take to you to regain confidence in travel and tourism? Or maybe you are already dying to explore new a place?
Coris Tourism is a project launched in the early 2019 before the current pandemic. Our goal: offering an amazing tourist experience to visitors in Togo. Togo is a small country of west Africa, but it is a beautiful one, and it is worth it to get there for few weeks. There is so much to see, to experience, to live and to tell as story once you go home.
The current economic situation has immobilized the tourism area with millions of people losing their job, but things are getting better, medicine is being found and financial recovery has started all over the world. The UNWTO even said that the recovery will pass by key sector such as tourism. We are absolutely optimistic about all that and hope you too are. In a few months, we will be pleased to make you enjoy a stay in Togo.
Coris Tourism… Enjoy your trip, enjoy Togo

Sectors Tourism
Location Lome, Togo
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