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Cooperativa “Reciclando Utopías” The sowing is today

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“Seed of Life” is a production of milling organic grains, taking care of the nutritional combination of a cereal and a seed. In principle, the milling was manual aligned with the conservation of the properties of the grains, today it is added to this reason, the healthy exercise that receives the one who produces it because it is realized with applied technology of mechanical cycle in bicymachines. This Multirecipe Premix, is the basis (substitute for ground beef and its consequent footprint) for the preparation of burgers, meatballs, pies, tarts, cakes, various fillings, loaves. It is available in 330cm3 glass bottles of easy transfer and practical handling. In addition, glass prevents the intake of microplastics and optimizes conservation. The recipe is very simple and for being grinding saves cooking time, that is time and resources. Once the premix of a bottle is cooked, the yield of a kilo is obtained, which makes it comparatively more economical.

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