Cooperación Listo Maní+ We fight chronic malnutrition in Guatemala

90% of our brain develops before we turn two years old.
A lack of the right vitamins and minerals in this crucial time is like a shackle that traps generations in poverty because it damages cognitive and physical development irreversibly.
But access to nutritious foods is scarce. In stores in rural Guatemala, you will only find sweets, chips, and instant soups.

I’m Lilli and I founded Listo to fight malnutrition with highly fortified baby foods.
Instead of leaving the provision of essential supplements to aid organizations, we brand them well, make them affordable, and sell them directly through trusted, local stores.

For the first time, families in poverty will have independent access to foods that gives their youngest the foundation to grow up into healthy and productive adults who will earn enough to support themselves, their families and communities.

Let’s invest in a better world together!

Sectors Food production
Location Guatemala City, Guatemala
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