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Coopeborbon R.L. First Cooperative Market in Latin America.

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COOPEBORBON R. L is an agro-commercial cooperative located in the center of the city of San José Costa Rica which owns the iconic facilities of the BORBON MARKET and consists of 150 associates, 270 locals and more than 5000 people who visit it daily.
The Borbón Market with a trajectory of more than a century of operation in the entire agri-food chain of the city and now since 2015 in the hands of the agrocommercial cooperative Coopeborbon is of utmost importance in the connection of the rural field with the supply chain of said market and that provides in a lot of works and an important actor in the economic dynamics for the city and the agricultural zones of the country.
The strategic axes that the cooperative develops this innovation, technology and sustainable development for the city for the benefit of its associates, customers and farmers who supply them from various rural areas of the country

Sectors Crop farming, Real estate, Retail and wholesale
Location San José, Costa Rica
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