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CONGO ACTIVÉ To the Sustainability of Action

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CONGO ACTIVÉ The presentation of Congo Enabled as the word indicates ” Body Organised in a Nation Governed at Orginality with Action à la Curiosity Technique d’ Invation pour une Vie d’ Epanting CONGO ACTIVÉ avec pour slogan “la sustainability de l’ action” notre sible c’ est l’ homme suivi de resolution dans ses problems pour un développement integral ‘
In Congo Activated we work on three basic principles: Thought, Commencedet followed, which makes a logical follow-up to any conclusion that we have a success or development and has the failure for a under development or poverty.
In short, CONGO ACTIVÉ is the embodiment of technical innovations for the whole development of man, for all our products of our own brand in the DRC are far more humanitarian in nature, such as: – Musantu mobile incinerator (IMM) etc. ..

Sectors Clean technology, Environmental services, Marketing and PR
Location Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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