Compost Baladi SAL Converting any biowaste, anywhere into bioresources

Compost Baladi SAL

Compost Baladi SAL

Compost Baladi is a Lebanese social enterprise that was established in response to the on-going national waste crisis. Compost Baladi specializes in empowering users at different levels to turn any biowaste, anywhere, into a bioresource. Our lines of services include but are not restricted to: designing and operation of municipal composting facilities, consulting and monitoring for municipal composting sites, national and regional waste management assessment and feasibility studies as well as awareness sessions at municipal and household levels, academic institutions and exhibitions. In addition to that, all of our organic waste management products are locally produced, low tech and low cost.

Compost Baladi holds a promising business potential as it is the only Lebanese social enterprise that provides citizens with organic waste management solutions that meet their needs and demands. Also, 60% of Lebanese waste is composed of organic waste, hence showing the demand needed in this.

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Emplacement Beirut, Liban
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