ColossalNet Technology LTD Business e-Portal is powered by ColossalNet Technology LTD, a company registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria, with the registration number RC1369075.

Mission: To provide online courses and  relevant information about making money in Nigeria and the whole world at large.

Vision: To impact over 10 million Nigerians and be the most influential business e-Portal in Nigeria.

Driving Force:
•    We noticed the reason why people are poor in this country is the lack of information. People rarely share information and most people don’t know what’s trending about making money in their current or new business.
•    In addition we noticed many people have little or no financial education. They take business for granted and they never learn the basics investment/making money work for you. We plan on going into this blue ocean market (new market) and changing the game entirely with all the resources we can put our hands on.

CEO OF 9JACASHFLOW.COM: This great business portal is owned by Lawal Kehinde Damilare. A Cryptocurrency Investor, Crypto Trader, Entrepreneur, Author, Tech Enthusiast and web developer.

Favourite Business Quote: “Got Your Profession and Mind Your Business”………. Robert T kiyosaki

Stage Unknown EST October 2014
SectorsE-commerce, Education
LocationIbadan, Nigeria
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