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Leadership development is often a leading constraint on business growth across the African region. 1-on-1 executive and soft skill coaching is an effective tool but is too expensive and logistically complex for most companies to source and provide relevant coaches for their management staff.

There are an estimated 15 million professional managers at companies and organizations across the continent (AMI, 2016). An estimated 25% (or over 3 million) are within the top 3 markets of Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, where companies spend the equivalent of between $250-$5,000+ per year per manager on leadership development training.

CoffeeChat curates groups of relevant coaches and experts from our wider pool of 300+ coaches from 25+ countries to meet the budgetary and market needs of corporate clients. Our client’s management teams access a co-branded web app where they can schedule regular 1-on-1 calls with coaches and experts which are prepaid via a monthly subscription plan.

Sectors Consulting and business development, HR and recruitment
Location Ebene CyberCity, Mauritius
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