Coffee africa Bringing blockchain into your c

Coffee Africa is a patented innovation utilizing blockchain to create an online marketplace that allows coffee farmers to transact directly with roasters and buyers and set prices for their coffee beans based on their real production costs. This empowers coffee growers to break free from import/export intermediaries who create unnecessary costs and market complexities without adding real value to the consumer. Through this platform, ( smallholder farmers and buyers create better value throughout the entire value chain, allowing consumers to feel better about guzzling caffeinated beverages, while simultaneously encouraging increased productivity and creating more equity and fairness.
Farmers receive 400% more per kilogram of coffee beans with payment turnaround time increasing by 80%. The time taken by buyers to trace coffee consignment is reduced from two days to 2.2 seconds.

Secteurs Big data, Blockchain, Logistique
Emplacement Kalimoni, Kenya
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