Codefond Codefond is a programming education platform for individual and school

The whole framework of modern culture is built on technology. We all live and thrive on technology. Computers, mobile phones, tablets, Televisions, automobiles, software for these devices make the world easier to live. All these are possible with innovations in technology. Now, in information Age, software play roles in our daily lives. From mobile phones to computers to ATM and so on, make the world easier to live. It’s a lot easier to live and thrive on technology than to live without it

With the growing technology industry in Africa and for the emerging markets. Programming education will equip students to become skillful employees and entrepreneurs to become savvy business owners. Codefond aims to break the norms and make programming education available to Africans. Codefond aims to socialize programming education throughout Africa.

Stage Unknown EST August 2016
SectorsComputer software, Education, Internet
LocationLagos, Nigeria
MarketsGhana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
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