Club T&K Studios Holdings “Create to Inspire, Inspire to Create”... T&K

I’m Kervinsky Casseus 25 years old & I go by kerv… I am the Founding CEO of Club T7K Studios Holdings.

Club T&K Studios Holdings is an Investment- Fashion- Record Label… We create & invest in projects that power profits!

{T&K means talents and connects with a k}; Essentially, we aim to act as the cables that “konnects” our “talents” to expose their artistic creations through artists to artists collab’s, and or teams to artists collab’s, teams to teams collab’s, & most importantly fans to artists collaboration!

Our services are catered for the young artist and creators of GEN YZAlpha, we aim at molding the young minds on how the new way of doing business in the 20th to 21st century will be done in the entertainment industry, as a start.

Having the power, capital and resources to create a tangible work of art and gaining the experience by actually doing it, a new wave of ideas and innovation from children that “Creates to Inspire & Inspires to C

SectorsCreative, media and entertainment
LocationMiami, United States of America
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