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Clean Coal Power Clean Affordable cooking energy for all.

To produce charcoal by traditional means, the trees must be cut, buried in the ground and burned, an extremely expensive process in which more than 80% of the potential energy of the trees is lost to the ground. At clean coal power we use improve technology to produce our charcoal briquettes in a healthy and eco-friendly environment. Our Charcoal Briquettes are made from a unique process of compacting biomass waste into a compact log. Due to its density composition, our briquettes are smokeless and 37% cheaper than the wood charcoal. They also have higher calorific value and burn longer than the conventional wood charcoal. My innovation turns environmental hazards into sustainable business opportunities; it reduces household spending on energy and finally protects the trees from being cut down for wood energy. It also reduces the amount of incinerated biomass waste, which help to mitigate climate change and improves public health, as fewer hazardous particles are released.

Sectors Biomass, Clean technology and energy, Renewable energy
Location Tamale, Ghana
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