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Citikab is an online and offline taxi hailing platform connecting riders to drivers using web and SMS base technology that is afforable, safe and easy to use. The high demand for technology driven service that targets a larger market within all social class made Citikab to provide an option of offline booking where Abuja residents do not have to bother about having a smartphone or internet connection as they can book taxi with a simple dial on their phone which they will get a prompt asking them whether they want to book a cab at the location on the screen. Citikab considers low income owners who decides to enjoy safe, comfortable ride to either commute to work, businesses, school, social activities, shopping or even vacation within and outside of Abuja. We make booking easier while riders and drivers enjoy incentives to encourage patronage. Trips can be boring due to traffic congestion, hard day at work, and mood swings, that is why Citikab provides on-board free WIFI and riders digest that serves as yellowpage for riders who are new in town or looking for specific place of interest.