Circulo Verde Food security through the circular economy

The world needs food security, but it scraps more than 40% of its food production. In my country alone, we generated more than 1,500 tons of organic garbage.
Circle Verde is a platform that allows customers, households and food service, to connect directly with local farmers to purchase fresher fruits and vegetables. Using information technologies and artificial intelligence, we seek to develop an application that will motivate responsible consumption of fresh food, providing a complete tool for our customers to plan efficient purchases. Then, we collected the organic waste from our customers and through composting we gave new life to what would have been garbage, developing organic fertilizers for our farmers. All monitored through the application, measuring the impact generated to the environment. Somo a multidisciplinary team that with his experience brings to the sustainable development of the business.

SectorsFood and beverage
LocationSanta Tecla, El Salvador
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