ChopUp eSports eSports for mobile Africa

We make world class games for mobile Africa. Games are an immersive form of interactive entertainment and have steadily grown to become one of the biggest entertainment media in the world today.

Newzoo’s April 2017 report shows that mobile gaming is expected to generate $49.1billion with a 19% year on year growth. PWC reports that revenue generated from video games in Nigeria in 2012 was $65million and set to rise to $170 million by 2017.
In its 2017 Global report Newzoo also predicts that eSports revenue will reach $696million this year and will grow to $1.5billion by 2020

Unfortunately, although Africa’s population is generally youth dominated and are highly attracted to games. The gaming industry is still in its infancy. In addition, when we take into consideration the advent of eSports, the continent is hugely underrepresented. Hence ChopUp, is looking to create Africa’s first mobile eSports platform giving players the opportunity to win cash prizes through skill based competitive gaming. 

Stage Unknown EST February 2012
LocationLagos, Nigeria
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