Chocolaterie Artisanale Nohi Beans to Bar Chocolate. From farm to chocolate

The Nohi artisanal chocolate factory is a young company led by agribusiness engineers passionate about chocolate. From his vision; to become an African leader in the chocolate industry; it deploys a strategy based on mastering its entire value chain and process. Thus, it has an organic plantation of 10 hectares of cocoa in the equatorial forest of central Cameroon. The volcanic soil and the equatorial climate give the cocoa aromas and exceptional properties. The chocolate factory also has a complete chain of cocoa processing operations into chocolate. The process used is an artisanal process with equipment and technique of recent generation. Our products are unique in the sense that they meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, are 100% natural, with a high content of cocoa beans and pure cocoa butter. The African and international chocolate market is not very conquered by products of this range and important forecasts of consumption are announced in its target market.

SectorsAgribusiness, Food production, Manufacturing
LocationDouala, Cameroon
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