Chada transport service Transportation Rejuvenated

Chada TsI is a interstate transport, fleet&Iogistics management service provider with a goal of providing affordable comfortable entertaining transport in a secure and safe vehicles. This sector offers 50% to 400% growth per annum based on statistics research of every 1000 person only 30 own vehicles an estimated 8 million people travel daily from one part of the country to the other in Nigeria as we seek twentyfive million to kick start operations knowing fully well it’s a sector which offers a return on investment our goal include a 10% market share by our fifth year, increase of 50% in cross margin within the second year of operations and an increase in our market share by minimum of 2% for each year of our first five years, after the first two years of operation and a company net value at 200 million naira by our fifth year of operations. We open to business funding/Investorship

Stage Unknown EST July 2017
SectorsBusiness services, Personal transport, Transport and logistics
LocationIkorodu, Nigeria
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