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CEA RETAIL ENTERPRISE Local food processing and Agricultural farming

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In Nigeria today, Agriculture has become a potential source of livelyhood. Organic Foods are the major sourced for survival; as way back as the early begining of mankind. Our today’s economy is also sustained by agricultural produce.
At CEA Retail Enterprise, we produce crops (Millet, Corn, Beans, green beans, carrots, groundnuts, onions, etc) fruits (Palm fruits, Orange, plum, Star fruits, Cucumber, paw paw, African Apple, etc) and vegetable (Tomatoes, pepper, carrot, garden egg, etc) locally and resell to local consumers.

We supply our produce to 0.2% populace in our region. We help in promoting a sustainable economy, thereby reducing the rate of unemployment in our region by creating job opportunities.

We operate manually and all works done are manual labour, that means more hands are required in our day to day operations and more labourers are employeed.

Sectors Crop farming, Fish farming, Food production
Location Umuahia, Nigeria
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