cbt.ng A marketplace for online test practice and examinations

Cbt.ng is a marketplace for online test practice and examinations. It is designed to be a tool for business searching, educational assessment and a mock platform. It allows anyone or body to create test/exams, it allows them to commercialize their exams and grant permission to any participants the access to take exams.

Cbt.ng can be used for public and private exams purposes, which permits participant users to practice for forthcoming test alone, with a friend (Deuce Mode) or with peers (in a league).

Target Market
Global Workforce: especially the unemployed and the underemployed. This platform provides means of practicing for online screening test
Recruiters: to be used to create and conduct exams
Students: to be used as a platform for study and preparation for online exam, entrance exam, scholarships exam etc.
Institutions: can use the API of Cbt.ng to conduct online exams for their students

SectorsEducational services, HR and recruitment, Information technology
LocationPort Harcourt, Nigeria
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