Cattle Wealth Management Firm We farm cattle on your behalf!

We offer cattle management services that allow for individuals to buy and grow their own herds of cattle on our expert managed farms targeting people who may not necessarily have the time, land, know-how & or those who simply want to make a profitable investment.

Cattle Wealth outperforms most financial investment products on the market in Zambia and other African countries offering minimum 19% per annum as a Return On Investment. It gives an opportunity to a wider population of people across the world to invest and own a reasonably affordable asset such as cattle without necessarily having the adequate resources such as time, land, expertise or money. An empowering product which at the same time is growing and developing Africa’s beef industry to feed the continent’s future population which is poised for unprecedented growth.

Stage Growth stage EST February 2018
Sectors Animal farming
Location Chibombo, Zambia
Markets Zambia
Customer model B2B2C
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