Cassini Farms Limited Vegetables, Ugu, Water Leaf, Green (efo), Bitter Leaf, Scent Leaf, Okro, Uziza, Shoko and Ewedu

Cassini Farms Limited

Cassini Farms Limited

Cassini Farms is an agricultural company founded in 2012 by Bolaji Lawal, an investment banker turned entrepreneur in conjunction with other industry experts in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Cassini Farms has a vegetable farm in Port Harcourt. We cultivate the following vegetables all year round: Ugu, Water Leaf, Scent Leaf, Ewedu, Bitter Leaf, Okro, Green (Efo), Shoko and Uziza. This we supply to Sundry Foods Limited, owners of the Kilimanjaro chain of Fast food. We supply to all their branches in Port Harcourt (7), though we also have approval for two other states (Imo and Enugu).

Our monthly revenue is $2,000.00 monthly.We are getting a lot of enquiries about supplies for the following reasons:

1. We are able and willing to supply all year round.

2. Competition are not farmers, they buy from farmers, hence Cassini Farms can supply cheaper.

We are also positioning for the Federal Government school feeding program and the lucrative UK market that nobody has been able to meet demand.

Several Fast Foods, Hotels and Caterers, within the Port Harcourt area, are currently discussing with us for supplies.

As a result of the above we need to expand production to meet these demand. Hence, we are looking for financiers (Equity, Debt or Hybrid) to fund our $50,000.00 expansion.

Stage Unknown EST September 2012
LocationPort Harcourt, Nigeria
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