Cassava School Fees Exchange cassava farming education and production for school fees.

This business idea solves 3 critical challenges in Africa all-in-one:
1. Increases Agricultural production in Africa.
2. Imbues Agricultural training and capacity for African youths.
3. increase access of education for children and youths (especially girls) from low income families.
We successfully test ran the first pilot test in 2017 empowering a girl child from a low income family with school fees. Now, we are looking for partners who will help us scale this model to empower 10 children with scholarships for 2018.
The potentials of this model on the long term will impact the entire Africa creating far-reaching impact on Food production, poverty alleviation and access for education for all.

Stage Unknown EST June 2017
Sectors Agribusiness, Education, Manufacturing
Location Nigeria
Markets Nigeria
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