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CASSA Building a more sustainable world one house at a time.

CASSA wants to make sustainable construction universally accessible. It has demonstrated through its successful business model that sustainable housing can have a tremendous and quantifiable impact on people’s wellbeing and their environmental footprint, and it can be not just market-competitive, but market-influencing.

CASSA is built on core values of inclusiveness, respect for nature, partnerships, SDG-focus and impact measurement. CASSA envisions a society where the human built-environment is in harmony with the natural one, minimizing harmful environmental impact and maximizing access to housing and basic services to all.

For each home CASSA builds, a series of impact indicators get measured. Some of these indicators are total area of energy-efficient buildings, clean water apacity installed, water-treatment capacity installed, kilowatt-hours of clean energy generated, energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions due to products sold.

Sectores Construcción, Energía renovable, Agua, saneamiento e higiene
Ubicación Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
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