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Casoy Feed A 21st Century waste to wealth Agribusiness

Casoy Feed

Casoy Feed

Casoy Feed is a 21st century eco-friendly processing Startup that specializes in the processing of Agro-waste into healthy and cost effective livestock feed for low-income Livestock farmers.

Due to bad agricultural practices and post-harvest activities, Africa generates 40 million tonnes of waste in peels annually. Mismanagement and burning of this waste triggers serious and unmitigated environmental/climatic hazard. Added to this, is the problem of profitability in the Livestock Industry, which is quite low primarily due to the high cost of feed.

We tackle the aforementioned problem by supporting farmers with links/access to quality inputs, good agricultural practices & post-harvest support, which grant us direct access to waste generated in the agriculture ecosystem. We process this waste into healthy and cost-effective livestock feed for livestock farmers, which also enables us to mitigate CO2 emissions caused by burning of agro-waste, and create more jobs for women &

SectorsAgribusiness, Waste management and recycling
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