Carrot Advisory Limited Value you loved ones

 simplifies the process of creating, updating, and executing Wills, Trusts, Deeds of Gift and other testamentary instruments online for subscribers.
 uses OTP [Email & Text] Authorization and Biometric Authentication (coming soon) to validate a subscriber or grant a subscriber access to any instrument created on the platform, making it the most secure platform for organizing one’s affairs.
 Carrot eliminates disputes relating to Wills & Trusts between Next of Kin and other beneficiaries. The platform allows its subscribers to immediately cater for instant update of instruments without the cumbersome process of codicils; users can easily make changes to the instrument when they acquire a new property, dispose of existing property, include a beneficiary, exclude a dependent, alter a policy or instruction etc. without stress.

Stage Unknown EST May 2018
SectorsInsurance, Legal services, Software as a Service
LocationVictoria Island, Nigeria
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