CarPartsNigeria (CPN) approach to the auto sector of the Nigerian economy was built out of necessity to correct the challenges of shopping for auto-parts in Nigeria. Also out of the need to centralize parts inventory across the nation, a place to find difficult parts, reduce high prices and ensure trustworthy vendors can compete, while satisfied buyers can appreciate great business. The platform is a search engine aggregator, not just for auto parts but also for finding the best auto service technicians that is location specific in the country.

Since our database of information is always fresh and up-to-date, we provide customers with the fastest, most accurate search results for top-quality used and new car parts online. We save customers even more time by sorting the results by proximity to your geographic location, enabling them to find the exact used car part they are looking for, at a location near you.

Our purpose is to add value to our vendors and their products by bringing them closer and faster to their customers and giving them access to markets that were not originally available. Secondly, to give everyday clients – a one stop shop for all their auto needs – new and used car parts, new and used car sales, Auto Auctions, and access to verified service contractors that have been vetted and reviewed by multiple clients.