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1-My name is Lucas Sala I am from Córdoba Argentina, I’m software engineer (ingenier). we are in the HUELLAS program.
and I come to talk about daily activities
For example ->like taking the bus or reading your favorite book

2-Now … can we imagine doing these activities in this way?
blindfolded or in a wheelchair? or without listening?
The disabilities impact on almost all the daily activities

3-affecting our autonomy,
And failing to be part of society or develop professionally, affects our self-esteem-

4-At the moment a thousand million people in the world face this challenge
In chile, we live with 3.8 million people with disabilities

5-For this reason we created an inclusive product development company … CAECUSLAB.
Today we have our first product…

6-Smart glasses, which integrate blind people into urban environments.
we developed an app, these glasses and a web platform
7-we have as a service, evasion of obstacles, remote assistance, real time loca

SectorsMedical equipment and supplies, Waste management and recycling
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