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ByV The Shop Minimal Luxury For The Everyday Woman

ByV is a luxury design house that focuses on minimal designs in and out of the bedroom, our aim is to make women and those who identify as women feel beautiful, alluring and sexy. We believe that there is a revived interested in traditional and cultural significant clothing, we want to invigorate that revival by bringing opening a new dimension at which we can enjoy our traditional clothing.
We create a locally curated luxury sleep and loungewear band, that is elegant, sophisticated, fresh and authentically African. The merchandise will include classic fabrics such as satin, silk, and wool whilst introducing an innovative twirl to the traditional sleepwear design techniques. We understand that there has been a modernized look at traditional fabric and we will merge sleepwear, lingerie, and traditional design prints.

SectorsClothing and textiles production, E-commerce, Retail and wholesale
LocationPretoria, South Africa
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