BUTELECOMP ENTERPRISES SOLUTIONS Role of digital payments in sustainable agriculture and food security

We offer sustainable solutions in agriculture and food security in Africa, particularly, in Nigeria.

Evidence from our thorough research and findings indicated that smallholder farmers in Nigeria lack basic digital financial channels for necessary and transactional payments to their products and opportunities, which this has rendered them to hover round cash and it’s associated risks, thereby impinging more food insecurity and inadequate productivity of smallholder farmers in Nigeria.

Therefore, Very crucial and utmost attention has to be paid finding sustainable solutions which our team has vouched to advancing digital payments solutions for smallholder farmers by providing them with training, funding and empowerment.

This venture is projected to boosting Nigeria agricultural sector into more technologically inclined, as it will create clear pathway for electronic direct funding to smallholder farmers even in rural communities and improve AGRO-Ecommerce in Nigeria. Thanks.

Sectores Comercio electrónico, Fintech, TIC
Ubicación FHA, Nigeria
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