Business Forever Business Forever, le marché dans la main

Business Forever is an android application developed to confront the skill offers with the skill requesters, as well for the sellers and the buyers.
No matter what industry you are in, Business Forever allows you to promote your skills, products and services through ads that you post within the app and in which you give details about what you’re offering.
If you are a seller, you can directly post an ad about the product you are selling.

With Business Forever, the distance is cut between you and your potential customers with direct targeting and join functions.

People have difficulties to promote theirs skills into the job market. They have difficulties to make them known by others people, about what abilities they can offers.
Entrepreneurs and firm needs ways to reach quickly potentials clients by direct targeting.
People are searching for jobs, , products to buy and ways to find them quickly.

Business Forever connect all these people together into one platform for meeting as fast as people.

Stage Unknown EST June 2018
Sectors ICT, Internet-of-things, Mobile
Location Cotonou, Benin
Markets Benin
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