BUMA Machines We offer ready built rebar to the East African construction industry

BUMA Machines (Burundi Manufactured Machines) is a company that builds and sells Rebar steel bending machines we also offers pre-assembled rebar to big projects.
The company plans to establish itself and develop into the leading and solely provider of rebar bending machines and products in Burundi and East Africa.
The biggest obstacle that many retailers of rebars, construction engineers and contractors run into is that they need to bend the steel with their own hands, which is hard and complicated and results in rebars bend in a form that might affect the foundation/concrete it is used to reinforce. Many are also subject of accidents and they are getting hurt because of the steel being hard, some retailers buy softer and more fragile rebars in order to bend them more easily. This makes it impossible to build buildings of unlimited heights.

Stage Unknown EST September 2017
Sectors Construction, Construction and manufacturing, Manufacturing
Location Burundi
Markets Burundi
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