Bukat International Limited Production of frozen food products for regional & internatonal markets

Market for frozen foods has been gaining traction in the region owing to their convenience as they do not need any additional preparation & culinary expertise.Consumption of frozen foods within Uganda has increased by more than 65% in the past 5 years. The market consists of frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen snacks and dominated by frozen meat products and ice cream. It is the aim of Bukat to capitalise on high quality and reasonable price while pursuing the innovative styles necessary for brand building. we have selected a few products to start with IE, Samosas in beef & vegetable , Chapatti, frozen cassava slices & chips, fresh frozen peas & beans and mixed vegetables. We have supplied our first (trial) batch of the products to the local market and so far doing well in the distribution channels. Our projected Income Statement demonstrates that our gross profit margin will exceed 65%, expect to reach profitability by end of year 1, achieving breakeven with sales of $50,524.