Brown Cakes Sustainability for all

Wheat consumption is second to maize in kenya.
The main wheat products in Kenya are cakes, bread, mandazi, chapati, cookies, biscuits, pizza e.t.c.
There is a law that has been passed to make fortification mandatory. The Kenya Foods, Drugs and
Chemical Substance Act was amended in 2012 to include mandatory fortification of maize and wheat
flours with specific vitamins and minerals (GOK, 2012).
The Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes being a good source of nutrients rich in vitamins A, B5, B6, Thymine,
Niacin, Riboflavin and Carotenoids can be used to fortify wheat flour.
Fortifying wheat products by mixing wheat and orange fleshed sweet potatoes will provide more
nutritious and healthier ingredients for wheat products.
75% of Kenyans rely on agriculture for a living either directly or indirectly therefore by adding value to
the Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes I’ll be creating employment and eliminating poverty as well as curb
rural-urban migration.

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