Brigid Kent Services Promoting health through participation in sports

The vision of the MOVEMENT:
1) To generate revenue by bringing to the globally competitive limelight, sports with untapped potential in Nigeria.
Several countries have harnessed a strength in one sport or another to create more competitive opportunities, and consequently, more revenue opportunities. Brigid Kent will ensure Nigeria is not left behind, basking in the past glory of soccer (football) and athletics, but will diversify options in remaining relevant in the sports world while generating revenue and boosting tourism.

2) To improve holistic health and general well being among all Nigerians
Many people believe that being physically active is the only way to be healthy. While keeping your heart healthy through physical exercise is essential, holistic health involves mental, psychological and emotional balance. Brigid Kent has embarked on a movement to encourage Nigerians to participate in physical AND mental sports, as well as unusual sports to become a healthier nation.

Sectors Events, Healthcare, Marketing and PR
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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