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BrickeT Eco friendly energy for all.

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In Uganda, two out of ten trees cut down every hour are meant to supply charcoal to the Capital City, Kampala alone. Even though this emerging economy entered a forestry deficit in 2000, the rate of deforestation has continually increased commensurate to that of urbanisation. At the same time only 40% of the 28000 tonnes of waste generated in Kampala is delivered to the landfill monthly. The remaining 60% is leading to health and environmental problems. A number of organisations both private and public have put hands together to reduce the problem but efforts are not significant as charcoal and wood remain the largest sources of biomass fuel. BrickeT is an enterprise leveraging on technology to bridge this gap by connecting briquette makers to households. With a total number of households at 34 million, and 85%reliance on wood fuel (charcoal) Ugandans are welcoming our solution that 15% cheaper than charcoal and gives them more heat and cooking time, yet we use waste.

Sectors Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
Location Rubaga, Uganda
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