Brekha Investments Bumi, Giving Women Hope. We sell special brand of sanitary pads


Team is composed of the CEO who is the founder Mr Khama Hachunde who is a police officer with experience in the fight against domestic violence, The two directors are Starmon Hachunde a youth who is also a mechanic with special interest in the concerns raised in the project to reach out to the youth with knowledge and the product and the other is a female Brendah Mwaanga a house wife from her menstrual challenge experiences before shifting to Bumi pads educating fellow women now on the benefits of the product to deal with menstrual challenges and discomforts.


  • Brendah Mwaanga
    Brendah Mwaanga
    Director | Secondary school
  • Starmon Hachunde
    Starmon Hachunde
    Director | College
  • Hachundek09