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Brainerbook Educational Social Media App

Venture Profile Brainerbook image of Stock Vector Left Right Human Brain Concept Creative Part And Logic Part With Social And Business Doodle

Brainerbook is a fun educational social media app that has the purpose of solving the problem of noise and intellectual vapidity of modern social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The app is for intellectuals who enjoy learning from going to lectures, reading books and watching documentaries. It is a medium for people to share knowledge that they have learned with the world and get recognised and rewarded for it.
The reason why Brainerbook has so much potential is because we know that it has a large market because of the success of other knowledge learning apps such as Evernote, Goodreads and Blinkist which are targeted at the same audience and all have millions of users with a high annual revenue.
Brainerbook in a sense can be seen as a Facebook for your brain and intellectual academic life instead of your social life. If used often, users are guaranteed to experience intellectual growth.

SectorsEducation, Enterprise software
LocationSouth Africa
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