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Bossan Farms Sugar manufacturing & production

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1. The project at total 6,000 hectares (full capacity) of land (from 2,074 hectares), will have an expected annual output of 720,000 tons of sugarcane and 90,000 tons of sugarcane in year 5 year of operation, with an annual output value of US $ 67 million. The first round of equity financing of about US $37,664,703 is planned for the purchase and development of first-stage land and the establishment of a sugar refinery to full operation.
2. Immense & tremendous socioeconomic impact that will reach its intended targets which is the grassroots level right down to the family unit.
3. Precise financial budget, complete cost budget to the quantity and type of agricultural equipment required, feasibility study is solid.
4. The founder of the project, Dr Sunday Simukonda is a second-generation entrepreneur. He obtained a doctorate of medicine in Australia in his early years. The project’s co-directors include sugar cane planting experts and sugar refining experts.

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Mkushi, Zambia
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