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Over time tenants find it difficult to locate the exact kind of house they need to stay, as they move from one part of the town to the other. Factors such as price, location, available facilities, situation of the area and landlord’s terms and conditions (adequate information), is not available at the disposal of the house hunters. Hence they suffer a great deal in the hands of agents who extort money from them and still have them go through stress, lose time and most still end up not getting the houses. Also, some landlords do not rent out their facilities easily because they lack platforms to advertise.
Bongalo is a mobile application that provides complete information about houses to let in the various towns of Cameroon. Bongalo makes house search stress-free, saves time and money for tenants looking for houses to let, as it collects all information and put in one place making it easy for the house hunter to chose among varieties, the exact facility that meets their need.

SectorsInternet, Mobile, Real estate
LocationBamenda, Cameroon
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